Welcome to my webpage!!!

Hello, my name is Daniel Tarlton. I am a freshman in mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering because I like to design things and see the final product in action. I chose it over architecture because of the broad range of work possible with a mechanical engineering degree. Lastly, I chose mechanical engineering because I grew up around the field and relate to it.

My favorite animal is a dog. I like dogs because they are smarter than most animals. Dogs also tend to be more loyal than other pets. My favorite breed of dog is probably Australian Shepards. I like them mostly because my dog growing up was a black and white Australian Shepard named Oreo.

FAILBLOG Logo Favorite Website #2
  1. Go to Wal-Mart.
  2. Go to the freezer isle.
  3. Find a pizza of your liking.
  4. Buy said pizza.
  5. Take said pizza home.
  6. Put pizza in oven and cook.
Class Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
English 101 A
Calculus 2 A
Physics A
A picture of an Australian Shepard