Some information about me

Hi my name is Billy Mays and I am a freshman in the exploratory studies college. I applied into this college to pursue a career in selling things on the television because I have always enjoyed infomercials. However, I wasn't sure what major would be able to help me best sell products on the old boob tube. I have decided that engineering or marketing would be best to further my career as an avid salesman.

My favorite hobby would probably be marketing. Ever since I was a boy, I loved to set up lemonade stands and other business ventures to further my career as a salesman. It wasn't until recently that oxiclean and other large household cleaning supplies began to contact me about business ventures.

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The Steps to a Billy Mays Certified Pizza!

Class Expected Grade
CH102 A+
MA141 A
ES100 A+
E115 Pass
EC201 B+
My Favorite Hobby!