Electricity in Our World

My name is William Finley. I am currently a student at Wake Tech finishing my fourth semester. I hopefully plan to transfer to NCSU in the fall of 2015. I am interested in majoring in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. My father graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree and I find his work very fascinating.

Tennis is a sport I have played my entire life. I love playing with friends or playing in league matches. I am also a tennis coach and always am excited to be on the tennis court. My favorite court surface to play on is clay. Clay is easy on your body and I enjoy the way the ball bounces on the court.

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4 Steps to make a Sandwich

  1. Put two slices of wheat bread on the table
  2. Put cheddar cheese and onions on the bread
  3. Put two drops of mustard on top of the cheese and onions
  4. Put the two slices of bread together and enjoy!!!

  5. Class Expected Grade
    E 115 S
    ECE 109 A+
    Fun in the Sun Tan!

    Roger Federer