Welcome to my humble abode!

Hello! My name is Dax Frisby, and this is my website! I am currently a Sophomore at NC State, majoring in Political Science. The reason I chose this major is because of how interesting the information is, as well as there is so much I can do with a Political Science degree from State. I can probably say I am one of the only Political Science majors on campus to take this E115 course, which is a pretty interesting situation. Though my major doesn't require it, I felt that learning about how to do basic commands on a computer is something that will help me in my future career, no matter what my future has in store for me.

One of my favorite hobbies is, like many people's, to play video games. I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember, starting out with the Nintendo 64 (which I still play), and moving on up from there to more modern gaming like with PCs and Xboxs. Since I've played so many different games, ranging from different genres like sports, racing, strategy and action games, I do not have a favorite since there are so many good video games out there. I can safely say that video games have helped me grow as a person, as it helped build confidence and social skills through playing with friends, and I will continue to play video games as it's such a fun pasttime.

Favorite Website
Favorite Website: ESPN (Photo credit to ESPN)

Click here to open my Resume! (Credit to Author= Dax Frisby)

    How to Make the Best Cheese Pizza Ever

  1. Get dough and knead it till it is flat
  2. Spread tomato sauce on the dough and make sure it is even
  3. Add the three best cheeses, cheddar, mozzerella and parmesan to the dough
  4. Cook the dough for roughly twenty minutes in the oven at high temperature
  5. Realize that you have no cooking skills, throw out my terrible abomination of a pizza, call Papa John's and order a large cheese pizza. Then enjoy!
This Semester's Classes Expected Grades for Each Class
FLS 101- Spanish 101 A-
PS 361- Intro to Political Theory B+
PS 310- Public Policy A-
ECD 220- RA Training Course A
ANT 252- Cultural Anthropology A-
PHI 221- Contemporary Moral Issues A-

My First Video Game (Photo credit: Youtube, originally created by Nintendo)