Walter Fritze's Resume


My Education

Currently my intended major is Nuclear Engineering. I am enrolled at NC State University in thier Nuclear Engineering Bachelors Degree program. I am anticipating to graduate in May 2019.

My Motivation

I choose nuclear engineering becasue it seemed to interest me the most between all the differnt types of engineering there is. I really didn't know much about it going in, but now I'm starting to see what it is all about. So much so, that it is capturing my personal interest. The instructors have exposed us to differnt, current, problems that the field is facing. For example, there is an issue with what to do with the fuel that has been used that has become radioactive. I want to study more indepth with issues like this so that I can help come up with better ways of storing or even using this waste.

Skills and Qualities


Class Course Title Semester
NE 201 Intro to Nulcear Engineering Fall 2016
NE 202 Radiation Sources, Intereactions, and Detection Spring 2017
NE 301 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering Fall 2017
NE 401 Reactor Analysis and Design Spring 2018
NE 402 Reactor Energy Fall 2018