Hello World!

My name is Danielle Wheeler. I am a freshman and I want to major in mechanical engineering. One reason why I chose mechanical was because I like seeing how things work. While there are several disciplines cover topics on how things work, I'd like to understand the things I can see. Another reason I chose mechanical was because the job market for mechanical is very broad. I'm not sure what field or profession I'd want to go into. Mechanical offers the broadest options.

My favorite hobby is drawing. I'm not great at it but it's relaxing. It makes me stop thinking about all the things I have to do and focus on lines, shapes, shading, and texture. My drawings end up being wonky looking. Some parts are bigger or smaller than it should be or oriented the wrong way. I'd like to have the patience to master drawing hair or fur. For right now, I'm satisfied with my bald wonky artwork.

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How to Order a Cheese Pizza

  1. Ask your mom for money
  2. Call Pizza Hut
  3. Order a cheese pizza with cheese stuffed crust
  4. Eat it
Classes E115 CH101 MA141
Expected Grade S B C
Hair Drawing