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My name is Derrick Poole I am a freshmen currently enrolled in the university's First Year College Program. As of now I am currently deciding between two majors, Electrical and Computer Engineering, both are about the same major with a few differences here and there. I've decided to pursue one of these majors because one of my hobbies throughout high school was building, repairing, and troubleshooting computer hardware. After doing this over the last few years I became more and more interested with each repair and build and decided that this was something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. Although sometimes the tasks in these majors may become monotonus I do believe that this is still something that I would be able to enjoy doing while still being happy at my job every day of the week.

As mentioned before my favorite hobby over the past few years has been the building, repairing, and troubleshooting of computers, mostly hardware. This hobby started out as a one time thing because after learning that the gaming experience was supposedly much better on PC I decided that I wanted to upgrade to have that much more fun. After my first build I realized that I enjoyed the problem solving and troubleshooting that came along with building something with multiple parts. Thus, I found a new pass time that I really enjoyed, which included looking at my parents', friends', and other relatives' computers when they needed help because their machine wasn't working properly. After doing this for the past few years I have finally decided to pursue a major that includes troubleshooting and fixing/building various electronics.

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How to make my favorite sandwich!

  1. First, grab to pieces of white bread and put them into the toaster until golden.
  2. Next, apply a medium to thick layer of mayonaise to the bottom piece of toast.
  3. Then add ham, turkey, and bacon onto the top of the mayonaise.
  4. After this apply a thin layer of mustard to the top piece of toast.
  5. Finally, put the two halves together and dig in!
Class Expected Grade
USC 102 A+
E115 S
EC 205(Economics) A
PSY 200(Intro to Psychology) A
HEST 261(Basketball) S
PY 206(Physics 1 Lab) A+
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