Go Pack

My name is Dustin Rizzieri and I enrolled into NC State fall of 2015 as a freshmen. I am currently in the First Year College but I intend to CODA into the college of Sciences. I am and have always been a science and math type of guy. Both my parents are doctors and so I was naturally steered towards the sciences. However, I was not sure if thats where I wanted to go with my life so I enrolled into the First Year College to weigh my options.

My favorite sport is Basketball. I have played basketball since me and my brother were able to throw the ball up to the hoop. While I have taken on and dropped many other sports, I kept playing basketball through out my life. I love it because it is not only a good social game but also gives you a good cardio workout. I haven't been able to play as much as I used to this semester because the heavier workload but I still try to make it out three times a week with some friends.

wolfpack fans Best Essay
  1. First get the doe and spread it into a circle with a radius of 18 inches
  2. Then get premade sauce and put it onto the doe
  3. Then add on all of your toppings
  4. Place the pizza into the oven (which is set at 500 degrees F)
  5. Wait 15- 25 minutes and then take the pizza out of the oven and enjoy
Classes Expected Grades
Chemistry B+
English A
NCSU basketball