Homework 6

Hello fellow internet users. How goes it? As for me it's going good aside from a broken leg its all good. I hope all of ya'll are doing fin e and I hope y'all have fun on my website.

I'll give y'all an introduction about my self. My name is Emanuel Cruz. I'm a Here at NC State University. I'm planning to major in Nuclear Engineering with a minor in German and a concentration in Science and Engineering. I plan to get a Masters degree in my intended field . It will take me 5 years but it will be worth it in the end. I chose Nuclear Engineering because I was really interested in nuclear operation in middle school after having done research on it. My interest in Engineering grew after that and during my freshmen year of high school when i learned that nuclear engineering was a thing my mind was set. I'm going to become a nuclear engineer.

My all time favorite hobbies are sleeping and hanging out with friends. The sad thing about it is that I don't get enough time with either because of my class work. I'm not looking forward to these next years because I'm going to be seeing less and less of them. Sleep is great I forward to it not always for what comes after. Over the part couple months I've accumulated some great friends here and I'm so glad to have met them. We can talk about anything and everything they're the best.

fav website This is my Resume
    How to order a pizza
  1. Grab phone
  2. Call Preferred pizza place
  3. Order you favorite pizza
  4. Pick up or wait fro the delivery of your pizza.
Class Name Expected grade
Calculus 141 87 (B+)
Chemistry 141 92(A-)
E 144 100 (A+)
hobby1 hobby2