Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Eric Barrow. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently planning on majoring in electrical engineering. I chose electrical engineering because it has always interested me. I would love to work designing the electrical systems that go in cars or other devices.

My favorite hobby is firefighting. I say hobby, but it is actually more like a job. As a volunteer firefighter, I respond to calls ranging from early in the morning to late at night. Right now, I am working to complete my Firefighter I & II certification. It will have taken me almost two years (or 347 hours) of training when I finally finish.

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  1. Get a piece of bread.
  2. Put on a generous portion of ham and any other meats
  3. Add a leaf of lettuce (to give the sandwich a nice crunch)
  4. Then, take another piece of bread and put some (but not too much) Miracle Whip on it
  5. Finally, put that piece of bread on top of the ham and lettuce.
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 A
EC 201 A
E 115 S
Engine 1