The Interesting Life of Ella Bonner All About Ella

My name is Ella Bonner. I'm currently a freshmen in First Year College. I plan on applying into the Engineering department after the summer. I want to duel major in computer and electrical engineering. Last year for my English class, I did a lot of research on robotics. NC State doesn't have a robotic department but with this duel degree, I'd be able to have a job in robotics.

Since going to college I don't really have any hobbies. A lot of my time is takenup by school and soccer. Before college, my hobbies were playing video games, building Legos, and paint and drawing realistic art. I played a lot of first person shooter games like Call of Duty and Gears of War. I could spend hours playing a gane if I got really into it. I really like building Legos. I have about 20 sets all over my room. In high school, I took 3 art classes. I've always have had some talent drawing. I can also get lost in drawing. My hobbies would have me relax.

Favorite Paper

How to Order Sausage Pizza
  1. Log on to Domino's webpage
  2. Make pizza with sausage on it
  3. wait for pizza to come
  4. pay for pizza when it get's to my house

Classes I'm Taking Grades
E 115 Pass
MA 141 B+/A-
CH 101 B-
CH 102 A
ANT 261 B+/A-
USC 103 A-

Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare