Welcome to my resume webpage, my name is Emily Clark and I'm currently a freshman at NC State

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About My Major

I am currently enrolled at North Carolina State University with an intended double major in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering. This is a very taxing major choice, it will take an extra semester if I take about 17 credit hours each semester. Because of this, I will most likely graduate in December of 2020 if I don't take any co-op offers.

What can I do with Paper Science and Chemical Engineering?

With just Chemical Engineering the possibilites are endless, I can work for almost any company in the world. Chemical Engineers do so much with the tings we interact with on a daily basis, almost everything we touch has been changed in some way by a Chemical Engineer and to me that is a crazy concept to grasp. With the additional major in Paper Science and Engineering, I can work in the paper mill and have a very specialized degree that is very sought after in the paper industry. I can work in many different location and countries in the one industry that will never die, everyone that goes to the bathroom in a day has to use paper products. I'm going to be working in a cellulose mill for Georgia Pacific in Summer of 2017 in Brunswick, Georgia.

What Sets Me Apart

Class Course Title Semester
E 101 Introduction to Engineering Fall 2016
CH 101 General Chemistry Fall 2016
PSE 201 Pulp and Papermaking Technology Spring 2017
CHE 311 Transport Processes Fall 2018
PSE 475 Process Control Fall 2019