This is My Web Site, Enjoy Your Stay

Hello, my name is Alex. I am a freshman attending North Carolina State University. I am currently Computer Science intended however that may change if another major catches my attention. I chose this major because computers have always been an interest of mine and there is always something new to learn. The field of computer science is constantly changing and will only become more interesting in the future.

My favorite hobby is to play video games. I love video games because they allow you to enter a new world that is separate from the one we live in. There are endless possibilities in the world of video games that you can explore for hours on end. With the power of the Internet we can enjoy video games with each other and share our experiences. No longer will we have to go "outside" to enjoy life. Now we can live forever in our nice little homes with just our computers and the internet, never to see the sun again.

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Here's My Sad Little Resume
How to make a pizza:
  1. Call Domino's or order online.
  2. Drive to Domino's if carryout or wait for the delivery driver.
  3. Pay the man (or woman)
  4. Take the pizza inside
  5. Eat the pizza
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 A
Calculus 2 C+
English 101 B+
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