This is Emily's plan at NCSU

My name is Emily Heckard, I am a freshman, and I hope to have a Dual Major in Paper Science and Chemical Engineering. I chose these majors becuase I am interested in chemistry and the environment. However, I preferred Chemical engineering over Environemntal engineering because it has a broader area of study. I chose to also major in Paper Science engineering because it will give me a lot of hands on experience, and because it's a unique field of study. I hope to also minor in Sustainable Energy.

My dream job would allow me to sleep in till noon. However, that is not realistic. My "real" dream job would be to work at Exxon Mobile and conduct research on biofuels, but I am not completely set on that path. I am determined, however, to have a career that allows me to make a difference by helping to create a more sustainable world.

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My 4 favorite Classes I've taken so far!

  1. PY 205
  2. HON 290
  3. MA 242
  4. E 101

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