Greetings and Salutations

My name is Evan Morris, and I plan on earning a dual-degree in Paper Science and Engineering as well as in Chemical Engineering. I'm a first year student here, but I'm technically a sophomore by credit hours. I chose this major because it is filled with exciting prospects and aspects that fill me with excitement as an aspiring engineer. Ultimately, I want to go to my job having fun toying with machines and be able to make peoples' lives easier using science.

My favorite hobby is to play video games. Recently, I've been getting interested in playing fighting games competitively and I plan on attending a Super Smash Bros tournament the next time I can go. I also play other games when I get tired of practiceing Smash. These are mainly puzzle and strategy games, but I also play the occasional RPG or adventure game. It seems the games to play at State are FIFA and League or Legends, but neither of those games really appeal to me.

For a link to my favorite website, click the image below

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Here's my resume: Resume.

How to make my favorite kind of pizza:

  1. Roll the bread dough out flat
  2. Add the pizza sauce
  3. Add cheese, bacon, and chicken
  4. Put the pizza in the oven to cook
  5. Let the pizza to cool
  6. Dig In!

Class Expected Grade
PSE 201 93
PY 205 88
MA 242 94