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Soccer is Bae! This is my first paragraph. Hello, my name is Easton Snyder. I want to major in Mechanical Engineering. I am expected to graduate in 2018. But before I came to NCSU I wanted to become a Electrical Engineer. I can't wait to go into the field of Engineering either way!
This is my second paragaph. This paragraph talks about my hobbies. I have many hobbies. I really like boxing. But I have played soccer my whole life. Which means I love soccer too. But E115 is my favourite class ever! Picture of Google Picture Link Text Link to Twitter
  1. Take 1 piece of bread and put it on the table
  2. Take peanut butter and lather it on the bread
  3. Take jelly and lather it over the peanut butter
  4. Take another piece of bread and put it on top
Soccer Ball
Classes Grade
E115 Satisfactory
CH101 A-
ENG101 A