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My name is Eamon Bode, and I am a freshman in Computer Science at NC State University. Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed tinkering with computers. In my spare time I take apart desktops and laptops and put them back together again to use as servers. I have always enjoyed the puzzle of writing a good piece of code, and wanted to work in that field. More specifically, I enjoy looking at the security aspect of Computer Science, and as more and more things in today's society are connected to the internet, security will be a very important field. So in a way I am lucky because my interests align with a field that is potentially lucrative, and has great job availability.

My favorite hobby is tinkering. I enjoy working with my hands as well as with a computer, and so I always am interested in new projects. For my senior project in highschool, I made a forge, and melted down aluminum to make castings in sand. I made all the parts myself, and was fairly impressed with the results. One thing that is always fun is fixing computers. Disassembling them and finding the problem, and putting them back together is interesting. And, if I get ahold of broken and unwanted laptops or other electronics, I can fix them and then use them for other projects later.

Hackaday Resume
  1. Get a pot
  2. Fill with water
  3. Boil the water
  4. Get another pot
  5. Fill with tomato sauce
  6. Heat tomato sauce
  7. Add pasta to boiling water
  8. Cook pasta al dente
  9. Add salt, olive oil
  10. Grate cheese
  11. Serve with sauce
Course Number Expected Grade
E115 S
MA141 A-
CSC116 A
PY205 C
PY206 A
CH101 B+
CH102 A
CH102 A