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Hey everybody! I'm Beth and I am currently a freshman at NC State University. I am majoring in Poultry Science here at State. I also sing in the NCSU Concert Choir and Women's Choir. I love to play soccer and volleyball. Right now, I am coaching a Junior Olympic volleyball team. GO PVC!

I am also active in 4-H, which is a youth development program all over the country. Many people think that 4-H is the same thing as FFA, but that's not so. 4-H is very diverse in its project areas. As a matter of fact, my project area was expressive arts. 4-H is so much fun and it's a great way to meet people too. You can check out their home page at link

I am a big fan of art as well. My two favorite artists are Vincent VanGogh and Claude Monet. I'm sure you will recognize some of their pieces.

I got to go to Italy over spring break this year, and one of the places we went was Venice. This is Monet's painting of Santa Maria which was located in Venice. It was so beautiful there and I hope to go back eventually.

I wanna say hey to all my 202 girls!!!!! What's up Robin, Ang, Meggie, Kelli, Chris, and Ratchanee!!! And I love all my peeps from West Montgomery, you all know who you are! I can't forget the Meredith girls either, what's up Mae, Morgan, and Meredith mmmkay!!

You can check out NC State's home page at GO PACK!!!!!!!

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