Welcome to my about me page!

Hello! My name is Eric Starner, and I am a current student at NC State University for Aerospace Engineering. The idea of space exploration and the potential to develop technology that will make space travel more accessible is exhilerating. I want to be a part of the future; I want to be someone that molds it and watches it form. I believe that aerospace engineering is a pathway to doing that.

In the past, I had the opportunity to work as the adventure instructor at a summer camp. It was an incredibly exciting opportunity, and it gave me a lot of valuable experiences. While at the camp, I had the opportunity to instruct the campers in various adventure activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, spelunking, and even a high ropes course. Everyday was filled with adventure, and never even felt like work.

My Most Interesting Classes:

Name of Club Link to Webpage
Basspack basspack.org
Theta Tau thetatauncsu.org