Hi everyone!

My name is Erin Dowell and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. My intended major is Biomedical Engineering. I chose this major because I have always been really interested in science and medicine. I see the human body as a very fascinating, complex machine. I hope to improve lives through developing better medicines or by doing research in the field of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine deals with the human body's capacity to heal itself, and medicine would be revolutionized if we could figure out how to harness this capability.

My favorite hobby is playing softball. I started playing when I was ten years old and I played until my senior year in high school. Because of my height (currently 5' 10") I have always been a first baseman. I was starting first baseman on the varsity team in high school from sophomore to senior year. Our team name was the Cowgirls. I miss playing now, so I will probably join an intramural softball team this spring here at State.

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  1. Drive to Burke Street Pizza
  2. Order a medium cheese pizza
  3. Take a number and sit down
  4. Claim your pizza when your number is called and enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
MA 242 A
CH 101 B
E 115 S
HI 322 A

Ball and Bat