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My name is Evan Gorczynski and I am a freshmen in first year engineering. When It comes time to CODA, I intend on entering Mechanical Engineering. I chose this major because I have always liked and have been intrigued by race cars and trucks and I think it would be awesome to build a career around something Im passionate about. My favorite hobby is freeride mountain biking. Freeride is a mix of downhill type riding at ski resorts and cross country-flat style riding like we have here in Raleigh. What I love about Mountain biking is the crazy speed and flow of the single track and the possible danger of messing up and going down hard. I also love tinkering with the suspension and tire settings to get a smoother and faster ride.

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    How to Order The Dankest Pizza Pie
  1. Call Papa Johns
  2. Ask for the sweet Barbeque Onion pizza
  3. Request Cheese in the crust
  4. Get it delivered to your door
  5. Fall into a food induced coma
Class Expected Grade
Calculus A-
Chemistry B+
E115 S
Sick Moto Whip