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Hello! My name is Elise Jansen, and I am a freshman in First Year Engineering at North Carolina State University. I am intending on entering Textile Engineering specifically when I CODA in the spring. Engineering spoke to me because I have strengths in science and creativity and was looking for a degree where I could utilize and apply both. I chose Textiles out of all the offered engineering degrees because I want to work in the sports or outdoor industry developing fabrics and products providing better performance for athletes and users. I have always loved being active and being outside, so I wanted to be able to incorporate that passion into my career.

Currently, I am training to become a group fitness instructor for University Recration on campus. While this is not my long term career goal, it incorpates my passion for fitness and an active lifestyle, and is something I plan to continue doing for many years. Ultimately my dream job is to work for Burton Snowboards in Burlington, Vermont as a product engineer creating new gear with improved sustainability and functionality for riders. I have been passionate about snowboarding since I was young and would love to be one of the people driving the frontiers of invention for the industry and sport.

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  • Most Interesting Courses
    1. NTR 301 (Introduction to Human Nutrition)
    2. TE 105 (Textile Engineering: Materials and Systems)
    3. HESF 478 (Exercise Physiology and Sports Science)
    4. CHEM 101 (Chemistry)
    Organization/Club Website
    GGTG (Greater Good Textile Group) Student Wolfpack Club