The Super Toaster

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About The Company:

The walking toaster is not just your basic toaster. It is the toaster designed with your personal needs in mind. In the morning when you are in a rush instead of walking to the kitchen getting out a piece of bread popping it in the toaster and waiting, The Super Toaster eliminates all of that for you. The Super Toaster has legs and arms so it and actually open bread bags and walk to you . With the toaster you get your very own remote to customize the settings of your toaster. So all you have to do is select which bread you want to eat that day and what time you want it and the toaster will walk over to the bread put the bread in itself, and a few short minutes later will actually deliver the bread right to you. But it's not just for toast! Pop in you bagels, poptarts, or even waffles for quick and easy morning every time.

The Mission:

The mission behind The Super Toaster is to save you precious minutes and hassle in your already busy schedule. You have kids that need to get to school, a college student getting ready for class, or even an elderly man/woman that may not be able to get to the kitchen easily? This toaster is made for you.

The Goal:

We want to help make you life easier by bringing your choice of carb to you!

~The toaster that can do it all~

Contact Info:
Phone: 919-555-6119
Address: 2730 Wolf Village W