Thank goodness it's almost over

My name is Emily Murphy and I am from Charlotte North Carolina. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University and am majoring in engineering. I don't quite know which specific area but I am looking at civil and industrial. I enjoy the business section of industrial engineering. I chose engineering because it's demand for females and my abilities in math and science.

I love to play sports. My favorite sport is soccer and I have pretty mush played for my entire life. I plan on continuing it in college by joining inter murals or club for NC State. I enjoy being in shape but I hate running so any kind of activity that makes me work but I dont notice I am actually running is fun for me. I also played basketball in high school but I wasn't that good at it.

I am absolutely a dog person. I have two dogs myself, one named Bear and the other named Buddy. Bear is 4 years old and is only 15 pounds with black fur. Buddy however is 8 and has white fur. Ever since I left home I miss the two of them so much. A cat could never compare to how cute puppies are.

cat image This is my resume

  1. lay out two pieces of bread
  2. put peanut butter on one slice of bread
  3. put jelly on the other
  4. put the two pieces together
Class Expected Grade
E115 700 points
E101 B+
HESF101 700 points