Welcome to the place where dreams come true!

I am Elliot Orlowskie, a freshmen in chemical engineering. The major that I was interested in was engineering, steming from my love for math and science. But for a long time I did not know what field of engineering I wanted to go into. I was never sure what science I liked the most. Eventually, I researched the different fields and saw that Chemical engineers are involved in so many things. I had enjoyed Chemistry in high school and I realized that this was the best option for me.

One of my favorite hobbies has been snowboarding. I love the rush as you fly down a mountain with the cold air beating against your face. There is something so fun about taking a trip up to the mountains. Getting a little cabin and going out and hitting the slopes for hours. Coming back around dinner time relaxing and then going back out at night. When I am snowboarding I feel so free and fast, sometimes I wish that I could live up in the mountains so I could be out on the slopes all the time.

My Resume
  1. Prepare the dough
  2. spread tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, ham, pinapple and bacon across the surface
  3. Place the pizza in the oven and cook at 425 degrees for 17-18 min or until crust is brown and cheese melted
  4. remove from oven and let cool and then enjoy!

Class Grade
English B
Chemistry A
Cacl 3 A-