This is EVIN'S page WELCOME!!!

My name is Evin Bellamy. I am a freshmamn attending NCSU. My intended major is electrical engineering. I like dealing with electronics and learning how they work. I am very interested in virtual reality tech.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. It helps me wind down and escape all the schoolwork. Though I feel as if the professors don't want me to enjoy my hobby because they keep giving me more things to do. I play many different types of games but my favorite type are RPGS(Role playing games). I also collect games and rarely trade in any of them.

Youtube I am a wordsmith

How to order my favorite pizza

  1. Call Papa Johns
  2. Wait for the person to pick up
  3. Once they pick up ask for the cheapest pizza
  4. get it delivered to your address
  5. Wait for the best pizza of your life to arrive

  6. Expected Class Grades

    Calc 2 B
    Physics B+
    English B-