Hello Alisse, how are you doing today?

My name is Ethan Hill and I am a freshman here at NC State. Currently my major is First Year Engineering-Undecided. I am not sure what I want to go into yet, as there are many good options to choose from. My number one option right now is materials engineering, because it fascinates me the most. Hopefully through E101 I'll be able to narrow down my choices.

One of my favorite hobbies is Ultimate Frisbee. In high school I played a lot, and even helped create a club. I was the vice president of the club and we named it SMUC (South Meck Ultimate Club). It was such a fun time, and I got significantly better at playing by just practicing 2 hours a week. I met one of my best friends through this club, and together we made it grow. Even now the club continues on at our high school.

The best show 2nd Favorite Show

How to Make a Sandwich

  1. Grab some bread
  2. Put turkey on the bread
  3. Put mayonnaise on the bread
  4. Put Lettuce on the bread
Class Grade
Chem101 A-
MA141 B+
CH102 A+
Ultimate Frisbee