Ethan Dickson's Résumé

About Me

My name is Ethan Dickson. I am a student at NCState University. I am majoring in Nuclear Engineering and plan on graduating in 2020.

Why Nuclear?

I chose to major in nuclear engineering because of its reliability as an alternative engergy use to lean the human race off of fossil fuels. And with generation 4 reactors in the making, the industry has some prospected growth behind it. I could also be involved in the difusal of nulcear warheads.

Special Skills

Future Classes

Class Course Title Semester
NE 202 Rad. Sources Interact & Detect Spring 2017
MA 242 Calculus III Spring 2017
MA 341 Appl Differential Eq Fall 2017
MA 401 Appl Diff Equations II Fall 2017
NE 301 Fund of Nuclear Engr Fall 2017