Welcome to Emily's Webpage!

Hi! My name is Emily Atkins. I'm a freshman majoring in Textile Engineering. I chose this major because I have exposure to the textile industry through my parents and feel that it's a field that is growing and developing. I also love the small college atmosphere that the College of Textiles here at NC State provides. I feel that I am in a great community of scholars here and I love it.

My favorite hobby is playing the drums. I was on the drumline throughout high school, and I had a lot of fun doing that. I am not part of the drumline here, but I still play the drums a lot during my spare time. I have a box drum called a cajon in my dorm room that I use as a stool as well as play when I get bored. I am also teaching my younger brother how to play drums because he starts middle school band next year.

My Resume!

How to make a turkey sandwich!

  1. Get out bread.
  2. Get out turkey.
  3. Put the turkey on the bread.
  4. Eat the sandwich.

  5. Class Expected Grade
    E115 S
    HESF102 S
    HON296 A-

    A cajon, the box drum I described previously!