Elizabeth's Adventures At NC State

Welcome to my webpage! This is just a little about myself, my goals, and what
I hope to achieve here in my four years at NC State!
Picture of me

My name is Elizabeth Dogbe. I am (very recently) 18 years old, and I am majoring in Civil Engineering. I chose to major in Civil because I'm passionate about physics, but also the way the at design and physics work together to improve our world. I am also considering a minor in Computer Programming in addition to my Civil major. This is mostly because there are some element of Civil (specifically Structural) Engineering that involves some programming ability. Also, I just really love programming.

Unfortunately, I don't have much work experience, which is something I'm hoping to change here at NC State. The closest thing I have had to a job, though, was as a Residential Life Assistant at my previous high school, the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. As a Residential Life Assistant, or RLA, I was basically an RA and I was in charge of making sure people on hall were okay. I also had to make sure curfew was being followed and the hall was being properly cleaned and maintained. While it wasn't technically a real job, it taught a lot of skills about working in a team and leading groups of people that I'm excited to apply in an engineering job or internship in the future.

My Most Interesting Classes

  1. HON290 - Literary Contexts and Critiques in the 20th Century
  2. CSC111 - Intro to Computing: Python
  3. EC201 - Principles of Microeconomics
  4. HON300 - Race, Membership, and Eugenics
  5. PY205 - Physics for Engineers I

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