A Very Short Autobiography of Edgar Everette Edwards IV

An image of the one and only Edgar Edwards

A Major Decision

I am currently majoring in Electrical Engineering and North Carolina State University. If everything goes as planned, I hope to graduate in May of 2020.

Pay Attention to the Intentions

I have always been drawn to sciences, and have been wanting to be an engineer since fifth grade. Taking classes at a STEM oriented high school, I discovered that most of my interests were in curcuits, robotics, and computer systems. I figured that EE had all that I wanted in a major. While not everything is set in stone, I hope to work at a technology company such as IBM or General Electric and design curcuits or improve the systems and make them more efficient.


Relevant Course Work

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 200 | Intro to Signals, Circuits, and Systems | Spring 2017
ECE 209 | Computer Systems Programming | Spring 2017
ECE 211 | Electric Circuits | Fall 2017
ECE 301 | Linear Systems | Spring 2018
ECE 302 | Microelectronics | Spring 2018