Hello Everybody!

Hi, my name is Emily Gilbert. This is my first year at college, and I am a sophomore (by credits). My major is currently Engineering First Year, and I plan to CODA into Computer Science after the spring semester. I chose Computer Science because I have always loved computers and have wanted to write software since elementary school. I took a couple of entry-level programming language classes my senior year of high school and loved writing code and making my own programs.

My favorite hobby is dance. I danced at the same studio from the time I was three until I graduated from high school. Its name is Elements in Dance, and it's in Dallas, NC. While there, I was a member of the top company and trained in ballet, pointe, tap, and modern dance. My favorite type of dance is modern because it allows for sharper movements that don't have to be as graceful as ballet.

Dinosaur Comics

How to make my favorite sandwich:

  1. Get two pieces of wheat bread
  2. Add tuna salad
  3. Add lettuce, cucumber, and olives
  4. Add mustard

Class Projected Grade
E115 S
PSY200 A
CH102 A+

Ballet Dancer