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Hello! My name is Eleanor Lenker. I am a first year here at NC State and my intended major is Biomedical Engineering. I chose this major for two reasons. The first is because I have always been fascinated with the new technology in the medical field. The second reason is because I really want to do research in the stem cell field, where researchers try to develop new organs using stem cells.

I have done research before in a medical setting and I really enjoyed the exposure. My dream job would be working for a big medical company or a university doing research on new devices or coming up with new methods to help cure diseases. In general anything that deals with research and creating new ways to make medicine more advanced is what I would love to be doing in the future.

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  1. E 101 Intro Engineering
  2. MA 141 Calculus 1
  3. CH 101 Chemistry
  4. ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research

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