Emily E. Solis
Mechanical Engineering, May 2020
North Carolina State University

My Passions

I am currently the Interim President of Humans for Justice, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. H4J aims to spread awareness about human trafficking, provide financial support for our Champions’ higher education goals, and carry out investigative projects about the relationships surrounding human trafficking. As president, I am thinking big for the company and bringing our name to the next level. I developed our plan for rapid expansion, coined the term “Champion” to describe a human trafficking survivor we support, and am continuing to build our network and connections. I am working in my capacity as president to increase the level of professionalism within our company by finetuning our ROWE model, focusing our initiatives, and creating a better internal communication system. Before and after my time as Interim President, I am the Chief of Research Affairs. I create, develop, and coordinate targeted projects to increase available data and information about human trafficking. To be better prepared for this position, I am currently auditing a graduate level Research Methods and Analysis class in the Public Administration department at NC State and teaching myself basic statistics. I love my involvement with this organization and the high levels of fulfillment I gain from working in both my positions. I am honored to be operating as a leader for such a worthy cause and hope my contributions will work to alleviate this global abuse and injustice.

As an engineer, I aspire to help humanity increase its green energy solutions and further nuclear energy both mechanically and socially. In the workforce, I plan to research and develop small modular reactors. I hope to be a leader in the wave of engineers that expand this technology and help it spread to developing countries. While an undergrad, I hope to obtain a Co-op with a company that aligns with my dedication to more efficient energy sources and promoting a more sustainable future. I am searching for a position that will strengthen my technical skills and help me make personal connections to my curriculum.

My Education

The first two years of my undergraduate education were filled at Gaston Community College and Meredith College. I gained much from the variety of student populations I was a part of. At Gaston I learned alongside many different ages and backgrounds and the majority of students were holding jobs or already had careers. These were some of the most disciplined, resilient, and humble students I have come across. Meredith College is filled with strong and impassioned women who work diligently in their pursuits, education and otherwise. I believe the diversity in my education works to my advantage as my atypical and contrasting surroundings have helped to shape how I think about others, my education, and my approach to life.

I am very proud to be a part of the Wolfpack at NCSU. Being surrounded by high achieving students with similar career interests and goals establishes a mutual respect within the College of Engineering. This contributes to the sense of camaraderie on campus and within the university. I am excited to be finishing my undergraduate education here and look forward to the coming years.

Projected Plan of Study

Year Spring Summer Fall
17 Meredith College
Accepted as Transfer Student
Thermodynamics I
Differential Equations
Solid Mechanics
Intro to Nuclear Energy
ME Lab I
18 Co-op
First Rotation
Fluid Mechanics I
Dynamics of Machines
Heat Transfer Fundamentals
Second Rotation
Communication in Engineering and Tech
19 Foundations of Graphics
Thermo II
Strength of Mechanical Components
Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials
Probability and Statistics - Engineers
Third Rotation
Analysis for ME Design
Principles of Automatic Control
Internal Combustion Fundamentals
Principles of EE
Controls Lab
20 ME Design
Steam and Gas Turbines
Engr Economic Analysis
Environmental Ethics
- -

For a current copy of my resume, feel free to email me at eesolis@ncsu.edu.