Eduardo Figon-Castillo

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Hi, I am a freshman intending to major in mechanical engineering at North Carolina State University. I plan to graduate Spring of 2020. However, I want to participate in a Co-Op and that might delay my graduation by a year.

Future Plans

I chose mechanical engineering because of the wide scope the degree holds. I enjoy the various pathways that will lay before me at graduation. I plan to also pursue a minor in nuclear engineering. I hope to one day work designing new cost-effective nuclear reactors to help reduce our need of natural gas and oil. I also would enjoy working a very hands-on job such as a manufacturing plant.


Relavent Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
MAE200 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design Fall 2017
MAE201 Engineering Thermodynamics I Sping 2018
MAE310 Heat Transfer Fundamentals Fall 2018
MSE200 Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials Spring 2019
NE301 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering Fall 2018
CSC113 Introduction to Computing: MATLAB Spring 2017