Welcome to Elizabeth's Homework 6

My name is Elizabeth Vicario and I'm a freshman hoping to CODA into Civil Engineering. I'd like to be a Civil Engineer because I want to join the Peace Corps and travel to developing countries in need of infrastructure. I've wanted to join the Peace Corps since I was a little girl and heard my mom talking about her Peace Corps experience in Ghana. After my time in the Peace Corps, with my major I'll be able to help countries like India and Tanzania develop sustainable cities by working on mass transportation systems and wastewater treatment. That would be rad.

A hobby of mine is playing the mandolin, a bluegrass instrument that sounds like a mix of banjo and guitar. I only started playing a few months ago, so I'm still pretty horrible. I decided to learn because my great-grandfather gave the mandolin to my dad, who never really used it. I thought it was a really cool thing to have around, and it would be nice to connect with my heritage by learning an instrument my great-grandfather used while living in Italy. I've learned a few songs so far and I'm hoping to take a class on the mandolin over the summer.

Picture of comedian John Oliver Resumé

  1. Call Domino's
  2. Choose toppings
  3. Pay
  4. Enjoy pizza
Class Grade
E115 S
ECON 205 A+
PY 208 A+