My Independent Assignment

Welcome to my page!

I'm Eric Feigin. I am a freshman in Engineering with a mechanical intent. I want to work in the defense industry, being involved in the development and production of defense technology, and mechanical engineering is the major that is most closely related to that.

During the summer, I work for IMACS(Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science. The company runs summer camps with classes dealing with computers, logic puzzles, and electronics. I work as a teacher assistant.

Most Interesting Classes I have taken or want to take:

  1. CSC 113 - Introduction to Computing - MATLAB
  2. E 101 - Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving
  3. EC 302 - Intermediate Macroeconomics
  4. MAE 200 - Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design

  5. Name of Club Link to Website
    NCSU Club Ultimate Website
    Competitive Robotics Club Website