Hey Matt!

My name is Elise Jaffe. I am a first-year student at North Carolina State University at Raleigh. I am in First Year Engineering, Chemical Intent, and couldn't be more ready to leave that intent behind. I chose that major based on liking honors chemistry sophomore year. I realized it was a poor choice once I entered the hell that was AP chemistry. Now I'm not super sure, but I'm looking at entering either mechanical, electrical, possibly computer science, or anything else that floats my boat.

My favorite hobby is playing instruments. I've played piano for over eleven years, played cello in 4th and 5th grade, started percussion in 5th grade, and started playing drumset in 8th. I love playing piano, but sadly I haven't done so much recently. Playing drums is one of my favorite things though. This summer a group of my friends put together a 20-day punk band to perform before one friend left for Canada, and I had the best time. I left with a bit of a ringing in my ears but it was worth it.

Shake off e115
  1. walk to Fountain, hall of fine dining
  2. fill takeout box with obscene amounts of chicken salad
  3. stuff as much bread as the box has room left
  4. run back to room
  5. sit down with roommate and enjoy chicken salad sandwiches all week
class grade
E115 S
Chem lab A+
PS 305 A+
me and a drum