Welcome to all Country People

My name is Edward Leary but all of my buddies call me by my middle name, Gray. I am a freshman here at NC State in the First Year College. I chose this major because I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life. Now, after taking a few engineering courses, I plan on swithcing in to the civil engineering major. I am interested in roadways and bridges so i think that the civil engineering major will be a good fit.

I have many favorite hobbies that are all centered around being outdoors. My favorite hobby however is duck hunting. I have been duck hunting since I started middle school and have not missed a season yet. It is my favorite hobby because it is one of the only times during the year where I can get out of the every day routine and get away from stress. It is very peaceful in the middle of a swamp on a cold winter morning watching ducks fly over while the sun rises. It is also fun to me because no morning is ever the same which leads to some pretty good stories

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How to Order Meat Lovers Pizza

  1. Find the number for the pizza joint
  2. Dial the numer and talk to the worker
  3. Tell them that you need a large meat lovers pizza
  4. Give them your name and address along with your credit card information
  5. When the delivery guy answers, take the pizza, pay for it, and leave a tip
  6. Eat the pizza until it is gone and then go to bed

Class Name Expected Grade
MA 241 C
CH 101 B-
USC 102 A+
E115 S