My name is Eric Graham. I am a freshman. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering. I chose this major because I enjoy hands on applications of mathematics and science, specifically in the area of mechanics. I decided I wanted to be a mechanical engineer when I was in the eighth grade. My favorite hobby is basketball. I really enjoy the game of basketball. My father and I used to play all the time when I was younger. He and I have recently played a few pick-up games together over Spring Break. He is the reason I enjoy the game of basketball.


How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Go to Subway
  2. Ask for Teriyaki Chicken
  3. Use Italian bread
  4. Add American cheese
  5. Toast the bread
  6. Add lettuce and onions
  7. Add vinegar and sweet onions sauce
  8. Pay for the sandwich
Class Grade
E115 S
MA141 A
E145 A