Erin Cooper's Resume

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I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently majoring in biological sciences, but I plan on majoring in biomedical engineering. I plan on graduating in May 2020.

Future Plans

I am interested in exploring careers in biomedical engineering because I am interested in medical procedures, but also the creation of those techniques. I want to use my biomedical engineering degree to help people live longer and better lives by creating a drug, technique, machine, or even an organ for them to use. Biomedical engineering is the combination of two subjects I am the most passioate about; human biology and engineering.


Courses that will enrich my knowledge of biomedical engineering

Class Course Title Semester
BME 201 Comp Meth in BME Fall 2017
BME 204 Biomedical Measurements Fall 2017
BME 203 Intro Mat Sci of Biomaterials Spring 2018
BME 252 Engineering Design 1 Spring 2018
BME 210 Analog and Digital Circuits Spring 2018