Welcome to Ethan Beal's Homework 5a Web Page

My name is Ethan Beal and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am going into engineering and I would like to get accepted into the chemical engineering program. I really enjoy chemistry, it is my favortie subject. I also like problem solving, so the engineering aspect of chemistry is very appealing to me. I hope to work in the chemical processing industry and work my way up to possibly a management postion. Most of all I just want to be a respected and well rounded engineer.

My favorite break is winter break. I really like the holiday season and getting to spend time with my family. It is the best break during the school year because it is between semesters so we don't have any work to do. I enjoy the Christmas spirit and getting to see all of my family members that I don't see very often. Sometimes it snows over winter break and it makes it even better. I always eat too much food during this time off from school.

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How to order a pizza

  1. Call the pizza provider of your choice
  2. Tell them the size and what kind of pizza you want (toppings)
  3. Give them your address so they know where to deliver it to
  4. Wait until the pizza arrives
  5. Receive pizza and pay the delivery person, remember to tip them
  6. Enjoy your pizza

Classes Expected Grades
Chemistry 101 B+
Calculus 141 A
E115 S