My Name is Ethan Campbell. I am from Charlotte North Carolina. I am a first year engineering student. I am interested in textile engineering currently because I find it interesting. Hopefully I will stay on track with this major.

One of my favorite hobbies is fishing. I like to fish because I like marine life. Fishing is fun and relaxing. It can be quiet or social. That's all I have to say about fishing : )


I really like google also

how to make a pb&j

  1. first get your suplies (bread, a knife, jelly, & peanut butter)
  2. put jelly on one half of one of the pieces of bread
  3. put peanut butter on one half of the other piece of bread
  4. put the two pieces of bread together so that the spreads are enclosed
  5. Success
Class Expected Grade
Calculus A
Chemistry A
E 115 S