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The US Congress has passed sweeping legislation that will restrict speech on online networks throughout the country. What you see, read, and write in public will be curtailed because of this legislation.

I have added my page to the ranks of the blueribbon supporters who oppose the Communications Decency Act (CDA).

Who am I?? I am a student here at NCSU pursuing a degree in
Textile Engineering. My hobbies are blacksmithing, historical
recreation through a group called theSociety For Creative Anachronism
(SCA for short), and Japanese annimation through a local group
called Triangle Area Annimation Society(TAAS) 
I currently live in 232 
Bagwell Dorm.
My schedule is here.

My page having reached the html equivalent of critical mass will begin linking to itself. 
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I am a member of the Society For Creative Anachronism (SCA)
I joined back durring the spring of 1992. This group's charter
is to encourage and foster the research and recreation of 
medieval history and culture before the year 1650.  This group 
while being an amazingly great deal of fun helps put things in a
" you can't tell where you are going till you know where you've 
been "perspective.  Right now Scott Callicutt and I are working
on the  Virtual SCA Library , feel free to check it out
especially the book of links.  Currently the crafts I am studying
are brewing, blacksmithing, and armed combat.  My SCA persona is
a 900's viking named Xavier DeLeon Campbell (this name will be 
changed when I graduate from college(too many people on campus
know me as Xavier and getting myself assasinated will be fun).
The new name will be a good and proper Norse name.
  • Making Arrow Shafts
  • Webster Definition for "armor*"
  • The Atrium
  • Beekeeping Home Page
  • Beer Recipes
  • Bookmarks, John's
  • Brew Sites on the WWW
  • Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of Defence, by George Silver
  • Cariadoc's Miscellany
  • Celtic, Germanic, and Nordic Culture Page
  • Chivalry Sports Home page
  • Colleges of Cour d'Or Home page
  • Current Middle Ages Web Server
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  • EDINFO University of Edinburgh Information Service
  • The Electronic Neanderthal Woodworker
  • The English Civil War Society
  • Faire Info page
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  • Empires Beyond the Great Wall: The Heritage of Genghis Khan
  • Gargoyles, Learn About
  • History Computerization Project
  • Index of Miscellaneous articles
  • Interesting places for musicians and music lovers
  • Kindom of Atlantia Homepage
  • King's Table: Game of the Noble Scandinavians
  • Living History Roman to Vietnam War
  • Lost in Lawrence Home Page
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  • The Mead Maker's Page
  • Meridian Home Page
  • Morris Dance Page
  • Hard To Find Needlework Books
  • Net.Viking Home Page
  • The Outlaw Press Catalog
  • Palmetto Batallion Home Page
  • Paul's links to other Woodwork pages
  • How to make a Medieval (Shade) Pavilion
  • Picts
  • Pictures used in SCA virtual Library
  • Project Runeberg
  • Renaissance Dance Page, Andrew's
  • Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Homepage
  • Richard III Society Hotlinks
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  • The Trayned Bandes of London
  • VIKING INDEX of /labyrinth/professional/publishers/vikings/
  • Vikings
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  • The Vikings OTHER WWW
  • Virtual SCA Library
  • Virtual Tourist World Map
  • Welcome to the Renaissance Faire
  • The World of the Vikings:Boxes..
  • Le WebLouvre
  • Whiskey: A malt whisky tour


    Anime is a nickname for Japanese annimation.  Japanese 
    annimation has grown drasticly in popularity in the United 
    States over the course of the past few years.  For me the 
    themes and other cultureness of their style of annimation 
    holds a great deal of interest for me.  I have been a SF 
    fan since I was ten and read my first Lensman book.  My 
    alltime favorite though is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.
    My favorite movie would have to be a toss up between 
    Highlander (there really is only one movie the second two 
    were only your imagination and never happened) and Aliens.
  • Animania
  • Anime & Stuff
  • Anime and Manga Resources List
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta
  • Cyberpunk Roleplaying and Culture Page
  • Felix's Anthro .... Place
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  • Hitoshi Doi's anime page
  • Index of /pub/anime/
  • Index of /pub/anime-manga/
  • InfoSeek Net Search Results: filk anime
  • KatsuCon Two Home Page
  • Links of Interest to Fandom
  • Red Dwarf Home Page
  • Riding Bean
  • Rodmur's Pix Archive -- movies/Simpsons
  • Science fiction resource guide
  • Seiyuu (voice actor) database
  • SF-Lovers Convention Listings
  • Todd Berkebile's Magic: The Gathering Page
  • This Week's Conventions
  • Triangle Area Anime Society WWW
  • Troma Site
  • Venice
  • Video Girl Ai
  • Yahoo - Entertainment:Comics:Anime


  • Remote file ftp.sunet.se/pub/pictures/anime-manga/

    No discussion the rest of the stuff is either 
    useful or just kinda cool.


  • Akebono.Stanford.Edu (Home of Yahoo)
  • Blars' Filk Page
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  • Yeah there's a link here But I wont tell you what it is. I know you can't help but try it. Come on I dare you...


  • Charley Parker's virtual comic book - ARGON ZARK!


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  • http://www.cqs.washington.edu/~surge/gaming/humor/famous_last_words
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