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My name is Emma Enteado and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am in the first year engineering program with an intent of Environmental Engineering. I intend to follow through with environmental engineering because the environment has always been a topic of interest to me. I enjoy being outside, and I love natural sciences. It is a dream of mine to use environmental engineering to travel the world and help ecosystems across the globe.
My favorite hobby is playing volleyball. I have played volleyball for five years now, and I was an active member of the varsity team at my high school. I also coach volleyball classes at an elementary school by my house, and I also work at a volleyball summer camp. I love playing and teaching the sport. I was captain of my team, and we last season we made it all the way to state quarter-finals. I now play on the team for my sorority and we have games every Monday night.

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Emma's Resume
  1. Roll out the dough
  2. Put barbecue sauce on the dough
  3. Put pieces of chicken on top of the sauce
  4. Cover the whole thing in cheese
  5. Cook in the oven until the cheese is melted and crust is brown
Class Expected Grade
MA 141 A-
SOC 202 A-
EC 205 B