Jenny Gosney Goes to College!

Hey everyone! My name is Jenny Gosney and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am planning on majoring in Material Science and Engineering. I chose this major because I am interested in math and science and I want to study alternative energy! I think the applications of alternative energy are broad and I am so excited to start my studies!

As I mentioned, I think it would be interested in working in the field of alternative energy, specifically solar energy. I would like to research new ways to make solar energy more accesible and cheaper to install. I hope to be able to work towards bringing electricity to communties around the world that do not currently have electricity in the form of alternative energy and solar panels!

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  1. Religion and Freedom
  2. Biomaterials
  3. Structure of Materials at the Nanoscale
  4. Genome Mapping
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Girls Engineering Change GEC NC State
Engineers Without Borders EWB NC State