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My name is Ethan Green and I am a freshman biological engineering student. In addition to being a biological engineering student I have decided to have a focus in agriculture. This major appealed to me do to my rural background. The area in which I live is an agricultural community thats economy consists mostly of crop production and livestock production. It is because of this community that I have grown to love agriculture industry and wish to return to my community with an agriculture related degree.

My favorite hobby consists of a multitude of shooting sports. In the past I have competed in multiple competitions involving trap shooting and small caliber rifle shooting. My favorite of the competitions has always been trap shooting do to the increased difficulty of shooting a moving target. For those that do not know what trap shooting is it consists of a clay disk launched from a thrower. While the disk is in the air it must be shot out of the sky from multiple positions located around the thrower. My favorite part of the competition is always the tie breaking match that consists of two disks being thrown in the air to be shot.

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How to order my favorite Pizza

  1. Find the number of your nearest Papa Johns
  2. Tell the employee you would like a large pizza with everything on it
  3. Use order tracker to decide when to put on pants
  4. Pay delivery boy/girl
  5. Now eat the entire pizza by yourself because sharing is a sign of weakness
Course Grade
CHEM 201 B
MA 241 A
ENG 101 B
Trap Thrower <