About Me!

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Harford and I am a freshman. Currently I am in Exploratory Studies, but I am pursuing Biomedical Engineering as a major. I chose this major because I love math and science, and I like that BME brings in a medical aspect of those studies. In light of the fact that I might want to become a Physicians Assistant in the future, BME seems like a good fit for me.

Currently, I work in the Bionutrition Lab at NC State. This is in the Food Science building located on Dan Allen Drive. My work includes: autoclaving potentially hazardous material, taking care of the freezers, and washing beakers, pipets, etc. I work about 5-10 hours a week. After a couple semesters of doing this work, I might have the chance of doing some research myself.

Professional photo of Elizabeth

Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Chemistry 151
  2. Calculus 1
  3. Public Speaking
  4. American History 1
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