I am Evan Huseboe,
welcome to my crib-site.

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About me

My intended major is mechanical engineering, and I plan to study at NCSU, as you may have guessed. I plan to graduate in December 2020, because I want to do a co-op so that will take some extra time.

My Major

I chose mechanical engineering because I played with legos a lot as a kid, and have always had a knack for building things. I also like mechanical engineering's broad curriculum so I could do many different jobs. I think I might work in the auto industry, but right now I'm not sure.

Class Course Title Semester
Ma 242 Calculus III Current
E 101 Intro to Engineering Current
PY 205 & 206 Physics for Engineers and Scientists Current
MAE 206 Engineering Statics Spring
PY 208 & 209 Physics for Engineers and Scientists Spring