Hello, are you in the right place?

People call me Emilio Munoz, but you can call me That Computer Science Guy Graduating in 2018. I chose my major because I like to work with computers and program. I also chose it because I don't like biology or economics or business or law or statistics or anything else. I want to make video games. Also, I want to be a dinosaur and befriend Godzilla, my idol.

My favorite hobby is pretending I'm a dinosaur. I have sewn my own dinosaur costume, and have asked my suitemates to refer to me as Lorem Etraucus. I roam the hallway, and scare away any visiting primates. When I am not pretending I am a dinosaur, I am sleeping. I sleep an average of 6783 minutes per fortnight.

The Sound of Music
Here's My Resume!

How to make a Delicious Sandwich

  1. First, get hungry.
  2. Take out bread, turkey, ham, and pepper jack cheese.
  3. Don't forget the mayo!
  4. Put the bread in the toaster.
  5. Watch NCSU play basketball while you wait.
  6. When you forget about the bread, have your wife come down and put out the toaster fire.
  7. While she's distracted, take the keys and go to McDonald's
  8. When you get there a lady will ask what you want,scream "NUMBER 1"
  9. Due to the magic of America you now have the world's best sandwich after shouting a number at an underpaid cashier.

Class Grade
Physics A-
Sociology A-
E115 S

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